laura buhrer bioLAURA BUHRER (President)

With undergraduate & graduate degrees in History   Laura opened her first shop ENGLISH ACCENTS; an award-winning residential interior design company in 1985.  With over 100 models to her credit, numerous accolades, and features in magazines, Laura has also taught at several community colleges and industry related events.  She holds certifications in ASID, IDS, and SDP as well as receiving real estate licenses in Kansas, Nevada, and Florida.

Recently, Laura decided to offer four alternatives to her firm.  The first referred to as THE STYLE provides the do-it-yourselfers a relaxed approach to finishing those incomplete shelves, empty nooks, and barren walls.  It places an emphasis to clients on those “finishing touches” that only expert advice can supply while allowing the homeowners the leisure of completing the project at his/her/their own pace and leisure.  THE RENDEZVOUS entails an incredible shopping spree in search of goodies (a 2 hour minimum required).  This allows the client(s) to use the skill of a seasoned professional with the client controlling the time needed.  Our final offering is FULL SERVICE INTERIOR DESIGN which means just that; it’s for busy professionals who prefer to hire a designer to complete their home from paint to floors, from carpets to tile, accessories to window treatments, furnishings to other touches of of fairy dust that reflect the client’s life and style.

Simply schedule a time at your convenience (and yes that includes nights and weekends) and Laura will arrive at your door (about 15 minutes late).



With a degree in Business Administration, Cameron serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Laura Buhrer Interior Design.  He oversees ongoing business operations within the company.   He further develops strategies with regard to our mission statement and implements corrective practices.  He also acts as a liaison between customer, employee, and organizational requirements.  In his free time, he works with youth baseball.


Having just graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Economics, Kyle serves as Chief Financial Officer, implementing policies with regard to company finances.  He determines the best mix of debt, equity, and internal capital.  He further analyzes economic strategies and decides how to invest firm money taking into consideration risk and liquidity.  He plays numerous instruments and teaches piano and bass at The Music House.  Under the name Black Key Optional, he performs at weddings and corporate events.