“Denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance; the four stages of decorating your home.”

Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, THE LIFESTYLE, perfect for the do-it-yourselfers, includes a thorough evaluation of your property.  After sharing ideas and tear sheets, I will propose strategies that include paint colors, counter/tile/flooring components, picture placement, window coverings, soffit/bookshelf enhancement, lighting, furniture arrangement, and accessories needed to complete your view of comfortable living. A comprehensive shopping list will follow. THE LIFESTYLE works best for those individuals/couples who want professional guidance but prefer to forge ahead at their own pace.



“If a man states an opinion and there is no woman to hear it, is he still wrong?”

So let’s take a few hours or a couple of days and grab the VISA (the one with mileage points) and together we will purchase those items needed to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.  THE SHOPPER doesn’t keep up with the Jones, you become the Jones.  I will be there, dressed in black, holding your hand through the whole enjoyable (no stress allowed) process.  Plus it’s amazing the beauty that two women can create when left unsupervised.  Mani and pedi optional.



“After Thursday, even the calendar goes WTF.”

This is the whole enchilada, the big shebang, the full monty, the one that offers exhausted professionals who cannot even decipher magenta crayons (we all have our own strengths) the opportunity of full service design.  THE JUST DO IT FOR ME takes the pressure off you and puts it right on me.  You (the client) writes Laura Buhrer Designs a great big check (though I do know the locations of Home Goods and Hobby Lobby), and I turn your house into a stunning, heart-stopping, Audrey Hepburn breakfasting at Tiffany’s moment. And busy people, I am worth every dime and dollar.