“Denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance; the four stages of decorating your home.”

THE LIFESTYLE, perfect for the do-it-yourselfers, includes a thorough evaluation of your property.  After sharing ideas and tear sheets, I will propose strategies that include paint colors, counter/tile/flooring components, picture placement, window coverings, soffit/bookshelf enhancement, lighting, furniture arrangement, and accessories needed to complete your view of comfortable living. A comprehensive shopping list will follow. THE LIFESTYLE works best for those individuals/couples who want professional guidance but prefer to forge ahead at their own pace




“If a man states an opinion and there is no woman to hear it, is he still wrong?”

So let’s take a few hours or a couple of days and together we will purchase those items needed to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.  THE SHOPPER doesn’t keep up with the Jones, you become the Jones.  I will be there, dressed in black, holding your hand through the whole enjoyable (no stress allowed) process.  Plus it’s amazing the beauty that two women can create when left unsupervised.  Mani & pedi optional….



“Good morning Sunshine.  Knew I shouldn’t have sold those pleated shades.”

Not only do blinds, shades, and shutters enhance the look of any window, they further provide style, light control, ventilation, energy savings, and capital improvement.  Offered in a variety of colors, patterns, weaves, and textures, little else completes the tasteful effect on a room more than these type of installations.  Having spent over two decades as one of the largest blind retailers in the Midwest (under my firm English Accents), few competitors can compete with our knowledge and fundamental understanding from measurement to aesthetic.



“When you live in a glass house, buying curtains might help.”

Draperies make a style statement and play an essential role in home décor.  They further reflect one’s taste and add meaning to a room.  From elegant panels to embellished swags and cascades, when chosen correctly, draperies relay a mood and a feeling unlike any other home purchase.  Laura Buhrer Interiors brings the showroom to you at a time that fits within your busy schedule.  We offer a multitude of fabrics in every possible color, pattern, and weave so that together, we may select a curtain that not only compliments your existing décor but elevates your residence into a whole new level of beauty.