"Optional garage to include piano...Depth of house does not include optional garage."

For years our specialty at ENGLISH ACCENTS was NEW CONSTRUCTION. We worked with some of the area’s finest developers, builders, and sub-contractors.  A service we still offer per request. Whether your ground has just broken, cement recently laid, or framing shows glimpses of what you wish to create, our firm, regardless of the current stage of your home will help you choose the materials that best suit your style. Using the builder's vendors, we enthusiastically attend each and every meeting from selecting your flooring to picking your lighting. We further attempt to stay within the given allowances, but realistically most buyers find that difficult to accomplish (too many fabulous possibilities).  We maintain meticulous notes of all selections and provide you and the builder detailed copies of all choices.  We promise to hold your hand(s) through the sometimes arduous process and nights and weekends are always greeted with good humor when panic ensues. We charge by the square footage of the home and guarantee to create a bit of jealousy among those often pesky friends and relatives.  I love a bit of envy, don't you?