I remember seeing the English Accents signs all over the place for years in the model homes. I was nervous calling a designer and really wanted more direction than help. Anyway, I phoned their office and talked to Laura. After telling her what I needed, she suggested we do a consultation. She spent about 2 hours at my house, gave me tons of ideas (as her assistant wrote everything down) and in a couple of days, I received a typed version laying out her plans for my main level, suggesting places to shop, and even received two sketches of the bookcases on either side of my fireplace. It was the best money I ever spent.

Catherine S.

One of my neighbors referred me to Laura. They said she was fast, fun, and terrific. I needed to change out some outdated sofas and paint. We arranged a time and sure enough my girlfriend was right. I had a great time. We spent time getting to know one another (something that had never happened when I’ve worked with designers before) and that talk led me into a direction that I really wanted to try but was afraid of the color mix. Well, it turned out beautifully and even my husband loved it. I’m still thanking her to this day.

Marcia S.

I think Laura designed, decorated, or styled my entire cul de sac. She’s a bit like a breeze flowing through but boy that woman has great taste. None of us live in huge homes and Laura kept that in mind in terms of scale and budget. She even told me it was okay to shop at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods. She also taught me the theory of 3’s. Anyway, I know I was thrilled when I finally finished my projects as were my neighbors when they completed their ventures. She is a force of nature.

Tammy T.

My realtor gave me Laura as a gift. I bought a home and was shocked to receive a person as a present. It took me a few months to unpack and get settled. There was something about my hearthroom that was bothering me so I decided to give Laura a call. We went shopping (in my home). She and her assistant moved things around, rehung pictures, accessorized tables, all the while keeping up a running dialogue of what I needed to purchase, replace, or paint. To be honest by the end of the 2 hours, I needed a glass of wine. Then in about a week, I received this really pretty box on my front door, with a couple of Swiss chocolate bars, drapery sketches, and a whole lot of magical words typed and divided by room. I swear that everything Laura uttered was on those pages. And all I had left to say was WOW!

Patricia D.

$150, you can’t beat it. She tells you exactly what to do, how much it’s going to cost, and where to buy it. What more do you need except for someone else to pay for it.

Donna N.